Former Michigan Supreme Court justice to run for Senate

Detroit News:
The Republican race to take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow in 2018 heated up Wednesday as former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young jumped in, a GOP rival fought back and an outside group continued to push for another entrant.

Young announced his campaign in a streaming video from an empty lot at the corner of 14th Street and McGraw in Detroit. The site of his childhood home, Young said it’s where he learned middle-class values that made him a “black, conservative Republican,” three words he noted are rarely used in the same sentence.

“It was the most dramatic physical symbol I could use to demonstrate what liberal policies like those that Debbie Stabenow supports have generated,” Young told The Detroit News in a follow-up interview. “A lot of vacant, empty fields. Programs that cost trillions of dollars and don’t do a thing, except make things worse.”

A 66-year-old Detroit native who now lives in Lainsburg, Young retired from the state Supreme Court in April after nearly 18 years on the job, including six years as chief justice.

Young is “not a politician,” he stressed in his campaign announcement, but has won statewide judicial elections and worked to reduce the size of government by reforming state courts.

“I’ve got the experience and guts not only to challenge Debbie Stabenow, but also to make some changes in Washington, D.C., if I get there – to lay down the law,” he told The News.

Young is the second Republican to declare for the Senate primary, joining 35-year-old businesswoman Lena Epstein, who co-chaired President Donald Trump’s Michigan campaign and has positioned herself as an outsider candidate who has never held political office.
I like his opening shot.  He is going to the core failing of liberalism in Michigan and what it has done to devastate Detroit and the state.  I would like to see someone like him replace Stabenow.


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