China concerned that Democrats may attack them next after Russia scare fizzles

Bill Gertz:
The political hysteria sweeping Washington over allegations of Russian meddling in the presidential election is reverberating in China. The communist government is worried that a similar wave of anti-China sentiment will take hold in the United States.

According to China watchers in and out of government, what Beijing fears most is that special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, will add White House dealings with China to his investigation of Russian election meddling.

One main effort of the Chinese government is trying to tamp down the fallout from news reports that first surfaced in March revealing a company owned by the family of President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was planning to sell a stake in a Manhattan skyscraper to the Chinese state-connected insurance company Anbang for $400 million.

The proposed sale of 666 Fifth Ave., reported by Bloomberg and The New York Times, has all the trappings of a Chinese influence operation designed to boost China’s access to Mr. Kushner, considered one of the president’s most influential foreign policy advisers and among those who favor conciliatory policies toward Beijing.

The proposed deal would give Anbang a piece of the property reportedly valued at $2.8 billion, considered high for New York real estate. The purchase plan called for Anbang to eventually take a controlling stake in the building and refurbish it with a $4 billion loan.

In November, Mr. Kushner was treated to an expensive dinner by Anbang Chairman Wu Xiohui at the Waldorf Astoria, bought by Anbang in 2014 for $2 billion. The sale put an end to the storied hotel’s use as a residence for visiting American presidents over concerns about Chinese electronic spying.

Mr. Kushner has recused himself from the dealings of the company, Kushner Cos., in November, and sold his interest to a blind trust, according to a spokeswoman. But the proposed Kushner-Anbang deal has not lessened speculation about conflicts of interest.
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I would not put it passed the Democrats to do just this if they think it will produce a political advantage.  They are desperately looking for more reasons to distract the Trump agenda and harm anyone working from him.  Since they do not have policies of their own that they can run on, they are focused on stopping those of the President.


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