Trump tax cut plan popular with voters, 61 percent favor his middle-class tax cuts

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Gallup tested several of candidate Trump's tax proposals.

  • He advocated eliminating most federal income tax deductions and loopholes for the very rich, and Gallup found 63% of American adults favoring this with just 17% opposed.
  • His proposal to simplify the federal tax code -- reducing the current seven tax brackets to four -- was also popular, with 47% agreeing and only 12% disagreeing.
  • Trump's plan to eliminate the estate tax paid when someone dies garnered considerably more agreement than disagreement from Americans, 54% to 19%. Notably, this is an issue that Congress and the wider public have considered in the recent past, and public sentiment on the issue today is in line with past Gallup polls on this issue, such as when it asked about keeping the estate tax from increasing in 2010.

More recently, in March 2017, Americans viewed President Trump's general plan to "significantly cut federal income taxes for the middle class" positively: 61% agreed with the plan (with no mention of Trump in the question), 26% disagreed and 13% had no opinion. Trump's proposal to lower corporate tax rates, however, elicited a split decision, with 38% reacting positively, 43% negatively and the potentially decisive 19% "no opinion" group apparently needing more information.
This is an issue the Democrats will have a hard time demagoguing, but that has not stopped them in the past.  So far they have been stalling it by trying to bog down healthcare reform which will also result in lower costs for the middle-class.  (See the post below where a truck driver explains how he and his family have been screwed by Obamacare.)


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