The DHS culture of corruption

DHS was created by merging 22 government agencies into one. Though it is primarily a law enforcement and investigative department, I think it will take a chief executive with private-sector credentials to ensure that inefficiencies do not hinder it from executing its security plans.
Our hearings and the GAO audits identified a culture of corruption, waste, duplication and systematic management problems with little in the way of answers. 
After squandering close to $1 billion on the failed Secure Border Initiative (SBI-net), DHS is attempting yet another border security project. Once again, the lack of coordination, communication and integration at the administrative level has produced similar results. The department is unable to justify the rationale for specific technologies, how much is needed or even where to put the technology along the Arizona border. Offices, programs or initiatives in 16 Homeland Security areas have similar or overlapping objectives. 
In fiscal 2011 alone, Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement had 9,073 allegations of employee misconduct, including 893 for corruption, such as personnel collaborating with drug smugglers and filing fraudulent travel documents. The Transportation Security Administration had 612 allegations of misconduct, including allowing thousands of pieces of luggage onto flights without proper screening and taking bribes to allow passengers expedited security checks. The list goes on. 
It will take a dedicated team of experts to root out these flaws and recommend changes. As the saying goes, we can reshuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic. However, as with that tragic voyage, the root of the department’s problems is beneath the waterline. Until DHS can manage simple core functions such as acquisition, procurement, financial systems and data consolidation, the mission of protecting the homeland will be compromised.
There needs to be a recognition that the cartels need to find a way to get their goods across the border for distribution and are willing to spend handsomely to do so.  This suggest to me that the FBI needs to set up sting operations that target both the cartels and the dirty Border Patrol Agents who are willing to take a bribe.

But the problems with DHS start at the top.  The people directly under Sec. Napolitano are apparently being told to ignore the law when it comes to illegal immigration.  I am not just talking about the Dream act stuff.  About the only way an illegal immigrant gets deported now is if he gets caught committing a serious felony.  The result is that there is no deterrent and the border is nearly wide open.

Houston cops have blundered into large scale human trafficking cases  of significant size twice in recent weeks.  A Texas Department of Public Safety fired on a fleeing truck that was jammed full with around 24 illegals.  Another trafficker's truck overturned when he lost control between the border and Houston with survivors scattering.  The head of ICE does not appear to be troubled by these events and may, indeed be ordered to ignore them.  I have seen allegations that they are cooking the books on illegal entry.  I get the feeling that Democrats see those crossing illegally as future Democrat voters.

The inescapable conclusion is that if there is no consequence for coming here illegally, more people will come.  The question those seeking comprehensive immigration reform must be required to answer is what is their plan to deter future crossings?


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