Just in time for a tax increase

NY Times:

California’s Economic Gloom Starts to Lift

After nearly five years of brutal decline, government retrenchment and a widespread loss of confidence in its future, California is showing the first signs of a rebound.
I suspect teh NY Times did this story because they think increasing taxes will lift the economic gloom in California.  But, history shows that they will only make things work, and with a super majority of Democrats in teh legislature, california can count on more control freak regulations and laws as well as other new taxes to pay for non productive state pensions and projects like the goofy bullet train to bankruptcy.

The higher taxes and regulation will only mean more businesses leave California further depressing the blue states economy.  The fact is that the blue state model of California, Illinois and New York is an abject failure, but liberals have never been particularly tethered to reality so they keep on doing the things that have made their state  populations flee to red states.  Illinois and New York might blame the flight on the weather, but California does not have that excuse.

In another story Times notes that despite sweeping most state offices Democrats carry only eight counties in California.

In West’s ‘Democratopolis,’ Winning an Election With Only 8 of 39 Counties

The West Coast’s Pacific oceanfront remained a stronghold for Democrats, with only one Republican elected to statewide office this month.
It does raise the question of how urban voters can be so misinformed.


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