The anti fracking Luddites try to thwart drilling

NY Times:

With Ban on Drilling Practice, Town Lands in Thick of Dispute

 Voters in Longont, Colo., approved a ban on the drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing, prompting legal threats. "People really didn't think through this too well," the mayor said.
Longmont’s ban on hydraulic fracturing has inspired other cities to push for similar prohibitions. But it has also set the city head-to-head with oil companies and the state of Colorado.
The irrational fear of fracking has been a trademark of the anti energy left and it has been pushed by the energy Luddites at the New York Times that has done its share of "fracking is scary" stories.  This is what the anti science left does.  It is anti energy in all of its forms, although it will give lip service to alternative energy, in practice it finds reasons to oppose wind, solar and geothermal too.  These people should have their light switches taped into the off position and have their car keys taken from them until they come to their senses.

New York is having its own fracking follies as regulators try to do "research" aimed at killing the industry.  These people are letting their paranoia get the best of them.


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