Hispanics and the Texas model

Texas GOP touts its Hispanic model
This is a long mostly favorable piece.

It talks about George Bush's outreach and willingness to speak Spanish even if it was not very good.  People appreciated the effort.  While the article did not mention it, Texas has always been generally welcoming to new comers whatever their origin.  There are several Nigerian immigrants whose second generation is excelling in school.

I grew up with Hispanics.  They were actually the majority in my high school.  Most of their families have deep Texas roots.  Many of them went to Texas colleges and universities and returned to their community as teachers, and business occupations.

Another aspect of the outreach effort not mentioned in the article is that large portion of current Republicans are former Democrats.  It is natural that they would reach out to Hispanic Democrats and point out the benefits of switching.  One of those benefits is mentioned indirectly in the article.  They get appointed to state jobs in large numbers by Gov. Perry.  That is something Democrats can't do, and at the current rate may never get a chance to do.

I do favor a guest worker program that would make it easier for the agriculture sector to get legal help.  We do have to get control of the immigration process.  We have to stop the human traffickers who are putting these people at risk.  Those who want immigration reform have an obligation to describe how they would deter future illegal entry.  Or do they favor not restrictions on entry whether legal or not?


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