Evils of liberalism prevail in New York City

NY Times:

On a Largely Blue Island, an Exception: Trump Tower

A precinct-by-precinct examination of how New Yorkers voted showed Mitt Romney suffered a resounding defeat in the city and won only one precinct outright in Manhattan.
Liberalism is a largely failed ideology that is making blue states like New York, Illinois and California poorer.  It is hard to understand why so many otherwise intelligent people keep voting for the things that make the poor poorer by making the rich poorer.  The Trump Tower appears to be an island of sanity in this blue disaster zone.

The problem is largely cultural.  When the refugees flee to Texas they have little difficulty becoming Republicans.  New York will continue its state of decline as long as the liberals are in charge.  Liberals tend to look at Texas and worry about the uninsured and ignore the prosperity the state is generating for people at all levels, from professionals to blue collar rough necks in the oil patch.  One other thing the refugees notice when they move to Texas is that they can get a comfortable house with a yard for what they were paying for a dinky apartment in New York.  That is because liberal control freak housing policies restrict rents and add cost to new construction.

There are some otherwise smart people in New York.  I enjoyed working on business transactions with them.  I did not find them smarter than the top lawyers in Texas or the finance professionals in Texas, but they do have some built in advantages because of the accumulation of investment banks.  It is ironic that the seat of capitalism is overwhelmed by this liberal culture that is holding it back from reaching its potential.

When I use the term "evils of liberalism" it is really a tongue in cheek response to the conceit of many liberals that conservatives want to destroy the country and create dirty air and water to kill people.  It is just hard to have an honest conversation with people who will not listen to the other person's argument.  While I don't pay any attention to the Kos Kids or the Puffinghton Host for the most part, I do regularly look at liberal papers to see what issues they are discussing.

I really feel sorry for New Yorkers and Californians whose ambitions are being crushed under the weight of liberal tax policy and regulatory burdens.  At some point they will have to realize it is not working.


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