Not really

Washington Post:

Is GOP losing its hold on the South?

On the state level, Republicans are taking over state houses and consolidating gains.  They recently took control of the legislature in Arkansas.  They already have taken control in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and recently retook control in North Carolina.  In Virginia and Florida they still control the legislature despite the recent close votes giving the two states to Obama.  that was largely the result of his extremely negative campaign which was effective at suppressing some of the white vote that would have gone to Romney.

In Texas the Democrats have not won a statewide office in nearly 20 years and Obama did worse this year than he did in 2008.  He also performed worse with Hispanics in Texas than he did elsewhere in the country.

There is some irony in the story where Democrats who have fled the blue states because of their disastrous policies voting for the same things that made those states fail.  Southerns will need to educate them on the evils of liberalism.


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