DOD's green energy boondoggle should be cut first

Daniel Horowitz:
One of the most preposterous aspects of the sequester is that it randomly cuts the Pentagon’s budget across the board, treating naval ships and green energy programs equally. As Tom Coburn noted in his recent report on the Defense budget, “Department of Everything,” there are numerous wasteful programs within the DOD. Most prominently, Coburn discovered that the DOD ran 116 green energy initiatives in 2010, more than the EPA or the Department of [Green] Energy. Specifically, the Navy and the Air Force have been investing in fueling their fleets with biofuels. All branches have been co-opted into using “green building codes.”

So not only have we foisted the expensive and impotent green regime on domestic activity, we have tied our national security to the success of the failed green regime....
I agree.  These projects have been pushed on the basis that there is a scarcity of fossil fuels.  We now know there is not such scarcity and the only reason one may exist in the future is that it will be artificially imposed by Democrats to push their carbon phobia agenda.


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