Obama voters getting the shaft

Howie Carr:
Sin in haste, repent at leisure.

One of the few silver linings in the dark cloud of Obama’s re-election is that millions of moonbats and Beautiful People who voted this month to continue our long national nightmare are now discovering, much to their chagrin, that they’re as screwed as all the “bitter clingers” who still go to church on Sunday.

Not that it was any big secret, but it’s asking an awful lot of the dumbed-down modern electorate to pay attention to its own best interests.

Of course tens of millions of Obama’s votes came from the people he likes to describe as “working families,” most of whom aren’t families and almost none of whom have worked since Lyndon Johnson. This is the freebies-for-freeloaders crowd. Think the Obamaphone woman in Cleveland.

Mitt Romney used to say they lived in “Kennedy country.” Then he called them the 47 percent. Now he says they like “gifts.”

I know, the liberals tut-tut that the gimme girls ’n’ guys pay taxes too — the sales tax, mainly, on cigarettes and their 40-ouncers. Their theme song is from “West Side Story”: “America,” as in “Everything free in America.”

But as strange as it seems, a plurality of Obama voters probably have real jobs, some even in the Dreaded Private Sector. Man, are they in dire straits.

Take the instructors at Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh.

Their hours are being cut back so the college can get around Obamacare. All you teachers, hope you enjoy being adjunct professors, because you ain’t getting tenure anytime soon. Wonder who they all voted for on Nov. 6?

One story had a quote from a CCAC English instructor who had a “vague hope” that his health care insurance costs would be going down under Obamacare.

Now, not only is he not going to be eligible for full insurance, he’s taking a $600 a month pay cut because of his reduced hours.

I have a “vague” feeling he’s not too happy.

Fortunately, all the “womyn’s studies” instructors at CCAC can pick up their insurance by getting jobs at, say, Olive Garden. But wait, I forgot — many fast-food and supermarket chains are also cutting back to work weeks of 29 A hours maximum.

(Employers have to provide health insurance to anyone who works at least 30 hours.)
It is too bad all these employers who are laying off people and cutting hours did not do so before the election so the voters could have been more informed about the consequences of their decision.  Perhaps they did not want to destroy morale unnecessarily if Romney won.  What do you think the employment numbers will look like come January?

Much of the media is still in denial.  They are looking at retail sales over Thanksgiving, but that money is going to pay back businesses who have been losing money all year.


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