For many, Islam is not go great

NY Times:

From Man Who Insulted Muhammad, No Regret

How Nakoula Basseley Nakoula came to make “Innocence of Muslims” is a bizarre tale of fake personas and subterfuge.
While Nakoula has not led an exemplary life, he is far from alone in not having a high regard for Islam.  In fact the non Muslim world sees Muhammad as a false prophet who created a brutal religious movement that attempts to persuade converts through coercion and sometimes the threat of death.  In fact, criticism of the religion is met with tantrums and solicitation of murder.  What is surprising is that many on the left who normally favor freedom, seem unconcerned for those who seek freedom from the oppression of Islam.

They have no empathy for Nakoula because many Muslims reacted badly to his amateurish efforts at film making.  They blame him rather than those who reacted worse than a two year old who lost a toy.  Both Obama and Secretary Clinton were on the wrong side of freedom and were far to eager to pander to the mobs of movie critics.


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