John Kerry gets some support for State Department job

NY Times:

For Secretary of State, G.O.P. Pushes Old Hand

 Senator John Kerry appears to have more unqualified support from Republicans than his own partymates, many of whom believe Susan E. Rice has been treated unfairly.
Obama has shown poor political judgment since winning reelection and he could compound his problems if he goes with Rice for State and Kerry for Defense.  He will find himself having to fight substantial opposition for both.  Neither is particularly qualified to be Secretary of State.

Rice is just not that smart and has bungled issues for decades before she wound up is Obama;s sock puppet on five Sunday talk shoes trying to mislead voters about Benghazi before the election.  She was there in charge of the Africa desk when it turned down request for tighter security for the embassies that were bombed during the Clinton administration..  she was also there when that administration stood buy during the genocide in Rwanda.

Kerry on the other hand has been wrong about every major foreign policy issue since Vietnam.  From advocating for surrender and retreat there, he went on to advocate for the nuclear freeze movement and against missile defense.  In recent years he has been an advocate for supporting Assad in Syria despite the fact that he was facilitating terror against our allies and our forces.

Kerry may have a better shot at State, because of his closer ties to the Senate.  That would not help him at Defense, because those who opposed him at President will be back reminding people about what a putz he was on Vietnam.  His insulting charges against his fellow veterans will not be forgiven, because Kerry is not man enough to admit he was wrong.


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