More problems with the Benghazi cover up scandal

NY Times:

3 Republicans Not Satisfied as Rice Concedes Error on Libya

The ambassador to the United Nations, Susan E. Rice, said Tuesday that she incorrectly described the attack on the American mission in Libya but said she based her statement on the available intelligence.
One of the puzzling things about Obama's use of Susan Rice to explain what happened in Benghazi, is that he claims he likes and respects her, but he terribly misused her.  He has harmed her credibility with most non liberal Democrats.

What I got out of today's meeting is that she could not explain why they were still claiming that al Qaeda was "decimated" while at the same time they were taking their name off the talking points even though there was evidence of their involvement in the attacks.

I think DNI Clapper is probably in trouble on this matter, because his story keeps lurching from one false assertion to cover the next.  I have seen little to justify the high regard Obama has for Clapper.  Perhaps he is adequate in a plodding way, but he is not quick on his feet.  I still recall him saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization.  How could he be DNI and be so misinformed?  At best he does not have his thoughts organized well enough to be a good witness.

Rice also strikes me as someone who has been on the wrong side of history in her previous experience at the State Department, and she does not appear to have grown intellectually over time.  Her tenure at the UN has been marked by failure.


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