UK to embrace McChrystal's strategy before Obama's speech


Gordon Brown will embrace the central thrust of General Stanley McChrystal's report into the future of Afghanistan when he speaks today of the need to develop a military and political "push".

Days before Barack Obama spells out US strategy in Afghanistan, the prime minister will outline what is being dubbed in London a "McChrystalesque" approach.

In his landmark report, McChrystal, commander of US and Nato forces, recommended a more sophisticated counter-insurgency strategy designed to reassure the Afghan people that Nato troops do not see themselves as occupying forces and that their primary task is to protect local people, and a surge of up to 40,000 US troops. Obama will respond to the report on Tuesday.


Brown certainly does not owe Obama any favors after the way he had been dissed. Like others on that side of the pond they were accepting the new strategy without the need to dither.


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