So are Muslims ready to allow churches and synogogs in Saudi Arabia?


Switzerland confronted an international backlash and charges of intolerance on Monday as Islamic nations reacted with anger to a shock vote to ban new minarets.

The Vatican joined in expressions of dismay after Sunday's vote for a constitutional ban on the construction of towers attached to mosques, while the government moved to assure Muslims it was not a rejection of their religion.

Some 57.5 percent of those who cast ballots supported the measure amid a high turnout by Swiss standards of 53 percent.

There was harsh criticism in Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon and other Islamic countries while Pakistani religious groups condemned it as "extreme Islamophobia."

"Such an anachronistic referendum should not have been allowed to take place in these times," said Turkey's culture minister, Ertugrul Gunay.


"This is the hatred of Swiss people against Muslim communities," said Maskuri Abdillah, head of Nahdlatul Ulama which has 40 million members.

"They don't want to see a Muslim presence in their country and this intense dislike has made them intolerant," he told AFP.


So will the Muslim religious bigots now push for tolerance for Christian and Jewish houses of worship in Muslim countries? I don't think so and it is to AFP's shame that they never asked the question when they were collecting quotes from the "outraged" Muslims. All Switzerland is doing is outlawing some architectural elements not houses of worship. That is far more tolerant than Saudi Arabia.


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