Britain caused by global warming?

Daily Mail:

An ancient giant river that was created when a huge glacial lake in the North Sea overflowed was responsible for first dividing Britain from France.

The 'Fleuve Manche' or 'super-river' ran south from the area of the North Sea.

At different times in history the river ebbed sufficiently to let people and animals cross from the continent into England.

Then melting ice filled up the valley and the 'Fleuve Manche' became 'La Manche' - the French word for 'sleeve' that describes the English Channel.

So global warming cut Britain off from France. You would think the Brits would be grateful and not so resistant to the concept. I think it is also clear from the time periods in question that man had nothing to do with the warming that caused the floods that cut off Britain from Europe and France.


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