Hondurans defy Zelaya boycot call


Polls are closing in the presidential election in Honduras after voting was extended for an hour to allow large numbers of people to cast ballots.

The poll comes five months after a political crisis ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

He was forced from Honduras at gunpoint in June, and replaced by Roberto Micheletti. Neither are candidates.

The favourite to win is conservative Porfirio Lobo, with liberal Elvin Santos considered his nearest rival.

Mr Zelaya had called for a boycott of the election, saying high abstention levels would discredit the government of the interim president.


If they had to extend the voting period for an hour to take care of a large turnout, that suggest voters paid no attention to Zelaya. Some of the leftist government in the area will poo poo the results, but they are trying to overlook the reality of a free and open democratic vote.


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