UK cuts choppers used to train Afghan special forces

Sunday Times:

HELICOPTERS used by British special forces to mentor their Afghan counterparts on anti-drugs operations have been grounded to save just £2m a year. The funding for the helicopters — used by the Special Boat Service (SBS) and Afghan special forces for raids on drugs barons and Taliban insurgents — was cut by the Foreign Office two months ago.

The decision came despite Gordon Brown’s announcement that Britain’s “exit strategy” rests on training Afghan forces to take over its role.

The Foreign Office refused to discuss the funding but privately officials confirmed the money was cut amid vain hopes that the Americans would foot the bill instead.

The mission, known as Operation Emperor, involved SBS commandos training the Afghan special narcotics force as well as mentoring them.


The UK should instead stop funding some of its social programs used to support terror suspects that the courts have set free and refused deportation orders. This is just another indication that the British government has its priorities out of whack.


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