Iran Parliament opposes cooperation on nukes

Reuters/NY Times:

Lawmakers urged Iran's government on Sunday to prepare a plan on reducing cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), after the U.N. body rebuked Tehran for secretly building a uranium enrichment plant.

Parliament's move highlighted growing tension between the Islamic Republic and major powers seeking a diplomatic solution to a long-running dispute over Iranian nuclear work the West suspects is aimed at making bombs.

It is also likely to cast further doubt on any prospect of Iran accepting a U.N.-drafted nuclear fuel deal meant to allay international concern about its atomic activities, which Tehran says are aimed at generating electricity.


Iran keeps saying "No" in ways that are hard to ignore, but Obama and the rest of the world keep ignoring that "No" anyway, because they are not willing to pursue a credible alternative. Russia and China keep scaling back any sanctions, and the use of forces has in reality by ruled out though there is still a pretense that it is still on the table. Clearly the West wants a deal much more than Iran does.

The BBC reports that Iran is now building 10 new nuclear sites. I suspect the will disburse the sites around the country to make it more difficult to destroy them with an air strike from Israel. The US would not have that difficulty because it has the ability to sustain attacks over a longer period of time and has more aircraft to devote to such a strike.


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