Trouble in the Church of Global Warming

Wesley Pruden:

Can this marriage be saved? The union of junk scientists, on the prowl for government handouts to pay for their computer games, and eager politicians sniffing an enormous new source of tax revenue was a match made in a dark alley. The always gullible mainstream media was the guest at the wedding, and everybody won. Only the public was duped.

The global warming scam is in trouble because neither the globe nor the thermometer will cooperate. Congress is trying to decide whether to believe its own eyes or the hustlers who have been forced to change the name of the scam - we're supposed to call it "climate change" now. The marketing men hired by Al Gore to "re-brand" the scam looked for inspiration to the country philosopher who observed that "if you've got one foot in the fire and the other foot in a bucket of ice, on average you're warm." The term "climate change" strikes a fraudulent average that can be applied to ice storms, heat waves, hurricanes and floods. Since the climate changes constantly, the new "brand" ought to last awhile.

Skepticism, once the mark of the ethical scientist, has been cast aside by the global warmists who behave like high priests, rigging the debate by protecting their doctrinal certitude that humans, who have been here a few hundred thousand years, provoke changes in the weather - sometimes warmer, sometimes cooler - which have been going on over a few billion years. (An imaginative, clever lawyer might find a high priest to sue for violating the religious freedom clause in the First Amendment.)

Some of the scientists have begun to speak up, unable any longer to keep their silence. They argue that the global-warming scam is self-perpetuating, that critics and their criticism are not only pushed to the sidelines, but face ex-communication from the Church of Global Warming. Theirs is a tough pope.

The church is rattled by the embarrassing disclosure of certain e-mail messages between prominent global-warming scientists, revealing what was suspected but not proved before, that skeptics of the theory are systematically ignored and shunned. This is accomplished by manipulation of "peer review," that skeptics should not be listened to if their criticism is not published, after review by peers, in an approved scientific journal. Any journal brave enough to publish a skeptical scientist is to be shunned as well.


The revelations of academic travesty have panicked the priests of the Church of Global Warming and friends and followers. The Washington Post, which built its reputation on leaked (or "stolen") documents, prissily refers to the e-mail messages as "stolen e-mails" that prove nothing more than that suppressing debate must be done more discreetly. What panics the congregation is that this breaks just before the big Copenhagen warmfest.


The mainstream media gate keepers have also lost control of the message. The attempt to discredit the globo warmer's own words is pathetic and disingenuous. It comes across as a cover up for bad junk science. It reminds me of how they have tried to ignore revelations on Fox News.

If the mainstream media wants to further discredit itself at a time when it is already in trouble they can continue to ignore this scandal. The scandal is not that the material was stolen. It is the content of the material which reveals the lack of character of some scientist and the cooked books on which they have posited a takeover of the world's economy to fix a problem they have made up. The email reek of bad faith by so called scientist.


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