Al Qaeda's third wave

Gordon Cucullu:

The Fort Hood killings were no isolated incident, but part of al Qaeda's "third wave."

The 9/11 terrorists were the first wave: Their attacks culminated years of direct attacks on America and the West by al Qaeda operators -- a core group of Saudi, Yemeni and other identifiably Arab men. But Osama bin Laden and his key assistants had long realized we'd take measures to guard against such foreigners -- that future attacks would have to draw on a new "talent" pool.

"Zacarias Moussaoui was designated to be part of the second wave of attacks," terror mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad testified in a deposition for Moussaoui's trial. Al Qaeda's leaders knew that, post-9/11, US security authorities would look at men from Arab countries as a potential threat. To circumvent expected security measures, they recruited terrorists with French, British and other countries' passports.

There is more.

Most of the other third wave plots were unsuccessful and the perps were caught. Hasan was not because the military was over sensitive in their pursuit of diversity and missed the many warning signs the guy exhibited.

Hasan is another example of what a wicked enemy we face that is still very much at war with us regardless of whether the Democrats want to fight it.


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