Pak Taliban getting ammo from Afghanistan


Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday said most of the ammunition being used by militants in the tribal areas is coming from Afghanistan and the Afghan government should make efforts for stopping the supply.

Talking to the media after visiting those injured in today’s blast at the Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Malik said the security of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) has been increased and around 1000 extra personnel of the Frontier Constabulary have been deployed across the province.

He said illegal Afghan nationals residing in Pakistan have to go back to their country and that their presence would not be allowed any further.


He said the militants now want to negotiate but the government does not plan any reconciliation with them and the operation will continue until all the terrorists have been eliminated.


This is evidence of how interrelated the insurgency is on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border. It is also evidence of why the US and Pakistan need to coordinate their attacks to deny movement on both sides of the border.

There has been a tendency to look at the Taliban as different on either side of the border, but they both have the same objective of imposing their weird religious beliefs on everyone they can.


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