Obama's war against Texas

Kevin Williams:

‘You don’t have to hit us in the head with a baseball bat too many times,” says Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, “before we start to think you’re doing it on purpose.” And so Governor Perry has a question for the Obama administration: Why ship thousands and thousands of illegal aliens from places as far away as San Diego, Calif., and Nogales, Ariz., all the way down to the tiny little village of Presidio, Tex. — population 4,167 — to deport them?

The Obama administration says the answer to that question, or at least part of the answer, is the Chihuahuan Desert. Send illegals across the border at San Diego, immigration authorities have argued, and they’ll just hit a couple of happy hours in Tijuana before coming right back across to the United States. But get them on the other side of a vast and inhospitable desert, and the heat and the cactuses and the coachwhip snakes will do what the U.S. Border Patrol cannot: Keep Mexicans in Mexico.

It’s a great theory, with one glaring flaw: It assumes that the Mexican authorities are going to transport deportees across the desert and back to their hometowns in the interior....

“They’re going to walk them halfway across the bridge and say, ‘Good luck,’” Governor Perry says. “On the one side, they’re going to be facing the desert. On the other side is Texas. Which way would you go?”

The Border Patrol is going to be shipping nearly 100 illegals a day through Presidio....


Governor Perry, who does not hesitate to characterize the Obama administration’s ambitions as socialist, thinks the administration is setting out to punish Texas. “You look at this, you look at cap-and-trade, which absolutely would punish the Texas economy — we get it.”

This is a strange policy that reflects the unserious attitude of this administration on immigration issues. It is also why about 80 percent of Texans hold this administration in such low regard. If they were really serious about a deterrent they would go back to the policy of work site raids. These raids resulted in a significant increase in self deportations.


  1. Greetings to one and all:

    There's an old, old, hillbilly song that could be heard on radio many years back...most especially within Southern States, which goes like this..."When you go through life make this your goal...watch the donut and not the hole." I was quite young back then, and thought this to be the most whackest or most goofie song I'd ever heard.

    Nowadays though I can see it makes a lot of sence. As we see many running today like a chicking that has just had it head cut off. Just gone flopping all over the place. The thinking process no longer attached.

    Sure...even nowadays most retain their head on their shoulders...but for many, evedently their thinking process is no longer serving them properly...that is...if it ever did.

    Of course, me being a Christian I sum all of this up...as due to the fact they left the God of the Universe out of their life completely.

    I know all will not see this in the same way that I do, so just go with your summing all of this up and I'll continue on with my own way of seeing all of this. In time one of us will have been proven wrong and the other right.

    Warm Regards

    William Dunigan


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