This blog has never been about me, but is about items that interest me. Unfortunately, I have come down with diabetes which sometimes effects my ability to blog these items as much as I would like. It effects my stamina and more importantly my vision. I recently got new glasses, but my vision changed again in less than a week's time. I am now wearing 2X reading glasses over the new glasses and that works to some extent, but I am told it will take several months for it to stabilize.

I intend to continue to blog as much as possible, doctor visits and vision problems permitting. I appreciate the loyal following of this blog. It was recently named in the top 133 conservative blogs in the country. It also ranks as one of the most influential blogs in Texas.

Since I am suddenly interested in diabetes, you may see post on the subject from time to time.


  1. Forget about Texas, I live in Canada and you are required reading in my house.

    Best wishes in your battle against diabetes. My Father in law is in his late 60s and finds that the best way to fight it is through exercise and diet .... and being diligent in taking his medication.

  2. Hi,

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