Conservative wins in Honduras

NY Times:

Porfirio Lobo, a longtime conservative politician, appeared to have won on Sunday in the Honduran presidential election, which many hoped could help the country emerge from the crisis caused by last summer’s coup and end its isolation.

The electoral tribunal said Sunday night that Mr. Lobo had 52 percent of the vote, with almost two-thirds of the votes counted. That gave him a margin of more than 16 percentage points over his main opponent, Elvin Santos. Shortly before midnight, Mr. Santos conceded, Reuters reported.

This election is a strong rejection of Zelaya and his leftist policies. The large turnout also rebuffed Zelaya's call for a boycott. The election was also a rejection of the interference in Honduran affairs by Chavez and others.

The Times continues to wrongly describe Zelaya's removal as a coup. The facts are that his removal was because of his violations of the Honduras constitution. His replacement was also pursuant to the constitution.


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