The Trial Lawyer’s Shtick

Rich Lowry:

"The wunderkind former trial lawyer with the gorgeously hair-sprayed bangs and soft, winning southern accent combines the synthetic sincerity of Bill Clinton and the condescension of Al Gore. He is the most insulting of all the Democratic presidential candidates, both as a matter of presentation and of substance.

"He believes that voters are too thick to realize the affectation behind his lavishly open and caring stump style. 'Now, I'm just asking,' he tells his listeners here. 'Does it make any sense to you — I'm just asking now, I don't know what you think about this — does it make any sense to you for us to be spending Social Security money on tax cuts?' Of course, he wouldn't be asking if he didn't know exactly the answer that his stilted question — one of his favorite stump tactics — will elicit.

"Howard Dean believes that voters are angry enough to revolt. John Kerry believes that voters are sophisticated enough to pick the most-experienced candidate. Edwards believes voters are helpless victims, beset by 'special interests' that have stolen their democracy and evil corporations that are making their lives miserable through high drug prices and insurance premiums.

"This is a populism with a distinct trial-lawyer cast....

"Edwards calls his rap 'optimism,' but it is deeply pessimistic in what it says about our individual capacities to fend for ourselves. It is dishonest besides. His tale of how corporate special interests dominate Washington is infantile. Corporate interests work partly to protect themselves from other interests, including trial lawyers."


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