Facts and perspective at the BBC

Washington Post:

"At the heart of the conflict that led to the British Broadcasting Corp.'s extraordinary public humiliation this week are 20 words ad-libbed on its flagship radio news program at 6:07 a.m. by a bleary-eyed reporter speaking from home after an all-nighter.

"Citing an unnamed official, Andrew Gilligan alleged in the May 29 broadcast of the "Today" program that Prime Minister Tony Blair's office had 'sexed up' an intelligence dossier with a claim that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. He then added these unscripted remarks:

" 'Actually the government probably knew that that 45-minute figure was wrong even before it decided to put it in.'


"In his resignation statement Friday, Gilligan pointed out that several assertions in the May 29 broadcast have been vindicated: that the 45-minute claim was based on just one source, that it was inserted into the dossier very late in the drafting process and that members of the intelligence community were uneasy with parts of the dossier. Ultimately, no weapons of mass destruction have been located and the government eventually conceded that the 45-minute claim referred only to battlefield munitions, not to strategic weapons that could have posed a threat to Britain."

The man stilldoes not get it. He alleged that information was put into the report in bad faith tp perssuade the people to go to war. Why he and the BBC would be surprised at the furious reaction from the government to this serious allegation is probably explained by arrogance. It is like telling the family of a heart patient who died on the oeprating table, that the doctor did 90 percent of the operation correctly.

Gilligan reached his false conclusions from Kelly's statements, because it was Gilligan's mind set that the government had used fraud to get public support for a war he did not want. The BBC adn Gilligan have yet to confess this mindset.


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