More al Qaeda arrest in Iraq



"U.S. officials claim they now have living proof that Osama bin Laden?s al-Qaida network may be behind some of the terrorist attacks in Iraq. The officials tell NBC News U.S. special forces captured a top al-Qaida leader during a raid in Iraq on Thursday.

"He?s Hasan Guhl ? in the top 20 of al-Qaida leaders. Called 'The Gatekeeper,' he?s responsible for providing money, transportation and safe havens for al-Qaida terrorists.

"Intelligence sources say Guhl was sent to Iraq by bin Laden or his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri. U.S. officials call Guhl?s capture huge because he could provide critical intelligence on what al-Qaida plans in Iraq.

"According to terrorism expert Neil Livingstone, 'If Hasan Guhl talks to his interrogators, he?s probably going to have a good idea of how many foreign fighters are in Iraq today, how much money and outside support is coming in.'

"In a separate raid last week, U.S. special forces netted another big catch. He?s Husam al Yemeni, also known as 'Firas' ? No. 2 in the terrorist group Ansar al Islam and suspected of planning and executing terrorist attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq."


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