Norks trying to sell missil tech to Nigeria

Washington Times:

"North Korea has offered to sell Nigeria advanced missile technology, the Nigerian government said yesterday, prompting the United States to warn its African ally that it might face sanctions if it strikes a deal with Pyongyang.

"Nigerian officials yesterday issued vague and contradictory statements about their intentions and the missile type on offer, although they acknowledged seeking ballistic-missile technology for "peaceful" purposes.

"A sale would mark the first time that such technology has been introduced into sub-Saharan Africa, raising the prospect of a costly new arms race among some of the world's poorest and least-stable nations.


"Another State Department official said that a deal could result in sanctions against both seller and buyer.

" 'The United States is committed to using all available measures, including interdictions and sanctions, when warranted, against North Korea's missile activities and those of its missile customers,' the official said.


"The Bush administration, along with 11 allied governments, began an effort last year to intercept illegal arms shipments on the high seas from rogue states, such as North Korea and Iran.

"The plan, known as the Proliferation Security Initiative, is aimed at preventing lethal weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists and dictators.

"Washington has named North Korea as the world's largest exporter of ballistic missiles. It maintains that the profits from those sales go for developing nuclear-weapons programs."


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