Kay testifys to intelligence failures

Fox News:

"The failure to turn up weapons of mass destruction in Iraq exposed weaknesses in America's intelligence-gathering apparatus, a former top U.S. weapons inspector told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday.

"But the inspector, David Kay, did not underestimate the threat posed by deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and said there was evidence that Iraq was participating in a weapons program that went against U.N. rules.


"Despite suggestions from Democrats that the White House pressured analysts to construe intelligence to help President Bush' make the case to go to war against Saddam, Kay said he spoke to many analysts who prepared the intelligence and 'not in a single case was the explanation that I was pressured to this.' "

The Dems, like their counterparts in the UK are making the mistake of challeging the integrity of the adninistration rather than focusing on the real problem of inaccurate intelligence data. By doing so they weaken their own case and look like craven oportunist rather than someone interested in the security of the country. They are looking to score political points rather than looking out for the best interest of the country.

By looking to politicize the issue of intelligence, the Democrats have hlost credibility on any panel looking into intelligence failures. Integrity has been sacrificed for partisan gain and they have lost both.


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