At least two Pak scientist provided Nuke info to Iranians

Washington Post:

"Pakistani investigators have concluded that at least two of the country's top nuclear scientists -- including Abdul Qadeer Khan, considered the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb -- provided unauthorized technical assistance to Iran's nuclear weapons program in the late 1980s, according to senior Pakistani officials.

"The scientists allegedly provided the help under a secret agreement between Pakistan and Iran that was supposed to be limited to the sharing of peaceful nuclear technology, the officials said on condition of anonymity.


"Pakistan launched its investigation in November after the International Atomic Energy Agency provided information suggesting Pakistani scientists had helped Iran develop centrifuges used to make enriched uranium, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. U.S. officials have said that Pakistan over the years has provided similar assistance to North Korea and that they suspect its scientists of doing the same for Libya; they have also said they accept Musharraf's assurances that any collaboration with North Korea has stopped."


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