Getting it wrong

John Podhoretz:

"THE story, so far, of the Democratic primary is: Don't believe the hype.

"The results last night in New Hampshire represent a humiliating disaster for the mainstream media. The political reporters and editors who have been judging this race for a year have made utter fools of themselves.

"Nobody foresaw John Kerry's huge victory in Iowa. It was suggested that Kerry was doing better in the weeks before the caucuses, but no reporter even imagined Kerry might pull 38 percent of the caucus-goers there. The press failed just as miserably in New Hampshire - but this time by overestimating and overrating John Edwards.


"There was no such thing as the Edwards surge. He ended up somewhere around 12 percent, a spectacularly dismal showing considering that he had scored 32 percent in Iowa only eight days before.

"And speaking of spectacularly dismal showings, how about Wesley Clark? The retired general became an instant media darling when he entered the race in September - newsmagazine covers, television interviews, celebrity endorsements."

There is something unreal about pronouncing someone who has never gotten 40 percent of the vote a winner.This is particularly true in the Democrat primary because delegates are awarded proportionatly.

The Dems presumed winner is someone who is relying on his service in vietnam as an important part of his resume, while he defamed the rest of those who served in that war with his work and testimony on behalf of the Vietnam Vetarans Against the War. He was for selling out the Vietnamese to the communist and he was against the actions Reagan took to win the cold war. That is what passes for leadership on national security issues in the Democrat party.

Two Americas Edwards uses his trial lawyer schtick to wow crowds who don't here the other side of the argument. His two Americas is in fact the Dems alternate universe where teh top two percent of American wage earners are so powerful they "get" to pay 40 percent of all income taxes, and be criticized for not paying their fair share.


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