Nork intelligence agent discloses hoor of regime

The Telegraph:


"Kwon Hyok, however, had it easy. There was no arduous two-year trek for him through China, Mongolia and Laos, hiding, pretending and bribing the authorities. He was a North Korean intelligence agent stationed in Beijing and was turned by his South Korean counterparts. He was persuaded to defect. Today, the South Korean taxpayer looks after him and, in return, he advises the government in Seoul on how to deal with the new enemy, the North.

"The other North Koreans I met living in Seoul were victims of their old regime. I listened to their dreadful experiences of starvation, cannibalism, torture and murder, and wondered how such brutality could exist.


"Kwon Hyok explained: 'In North Korea political prisoners are those who say or do something against the dead President Kim Il Sung, or his son Kim Jong Il. But they also include a wide network of next of kin.'

"Prison camps are filled with relatives of offenders: grandparents, children, brothers, aunts, all arrested for one person's false move and who often have no idea why. Kwon Hyok said: 'There is a watchdog system in place between members of five different families. So if I were caught trying to escape, then not just my family members but all of the rest of the four neighbouring families are shot out of collective responsibility.' In this way families are forced to spy on each other.


"He described water torture, hanging torture, the box-room torture. And he described how he ordered public executions in the camp, and not just of those who tried to escape, but of their entire families and the families of their neighbours.

"He said that he witnessed chemical experiments being carried out on political prisoners in specially constructed chambers hidden in the camp. Various different gases, he claimed are being tested there including one he called Vinyla - related to the North Korean artificial fibre Vinalon. He described the chambers - glass rooms within a room - sealed and with a ventilation shaft that pumps gas inside. Above, there is a viewing gallery where, North Korean scientists observe the death throes of their victims.

" 'The most unforgettable scene I remember was when I watched an entire family being killed. They were put inside the chamber and I saw them all suffocate to death. The last person to die was the youngest son who was crying for his parents and eventually died.' "


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