Saddam needed destruction

John Podhoretz:

"WHAT if I told you that a ruthless dictator ? a monster who had once used chemical weapons on his own people, had twice attacked and invaded neighboring countries and had sought to assassinate a former president of the United States ? had gone delusional and quite possibly psychotic?

"What if I told you that he would ramble on about a new novel he was writing while the world argued about whether his regime should be forcibly removed from the earth?

"What if I told you that this same delusional dictator had successfully built long-range missiles and was giving scientists and military officials large amounts of money to make new weapons of mass destruction, presumably for deployment on these same long-range missiles?

"What if I told you that while it may appear those same scientists may have made off with the money and not built the weapons, there's no question they had plans in place and could have produced them if the opportunity to do so presented itself?


"After months of interviews, investigations and document searches, Kay has determined two things. First and most shocking, Iraq does not seem to have kept the banned weapons stockpiles the world knew he possessed in the early-to-mid 1990s.

And second, the regime, like Saddam himself, had effectively become delusional and "psychotic. Everybody, from Saddam on down, believed the regime still possessed weapons stocks. The people who were pocketing the research-and-manufacturing money for chemical weaponry believed that the nuke guys were working for real. The nuke guys, who were pocketing their money, believed the bio-war guys were working for real. And Saddam and his sons seemed to believe they were all working at it for real."


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