Dem debate

Clark's problem is that he is not grounded in fact. He makes assertions, and one can assume he would make policy, based on rumor and cocktail talk instead of insisting on getting the facts before he speaks. He was given the opportunity to disavow the kooky statements of Michael Moore accusing the president of being a deserter. His response, I have heard that rumor. OK Gen. Clark, I have heard the rumor that other military professionals think you have a problem with character and truthfulness. Perhaps, we should judge you based on that rumor.

Rev. Al has a problem understanding what the Federal Reserve does. Perhaps he thinks they are suppose to fund his campaign deficit.

Dennis Kucinich, man, what did Willie Nelson see in this guy?

Leiberman, a Democrat with integrity, unfortunately that is rare in this group. Also unfortunately, it does not appear to be important to Democrat primary voters.

Kerry, who served in Vietnam, apparently learned nothing form the experience. What an arrogant jerk. It is surprising that he did not get fragged.

Edwards is a slick trial lawyer who comes across as a slick trial lawyer. Only this time he does not get to select the jury. He cannot exclude those who are not going to vote his way.

Howard Dean was not as weird tonight, but he still has weird ideas about the war and taxes and that should be enough reason for most people to vote against him.

I am not a big fan of Peter Jennings, but he asked good tough questions tonight. I am a fan of Brit Hume, who also asked good tough questions. The local guns seemed to be enjoying their few minutes on the stage.


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