Prewar intelligence consistent over several years

Dana Priest, Washington Post:

"Congressional and CIA investigations into the prewar intelligence on Iraq's weapons and links to terrorism have found no evidence that CIA analysts colored their judgment because of perceived or actual political pressure from White House officials, according to intelligence officials and congressional officials from both parties.

"Richard J. Kerr, a former deputy CIA director who is leading the CIA's review of its prewar Iraq assessment, said an examination of the secret analytical work done by CIA analysts showed that it remained consistent over many years.

" 'There was pressure and a lot of debate, and people should have a lot of debate, that's quite legitimate,' Kerr said. 'But the bottom line is, over a period of several years,' the analysts' assessments 'were very consistent. They didn't change their views.'

"Kerr's findings mirror those of two probes being conducted separately by the House and Senate intelligence committees, which have interviewed, under oath, every analyst involved in assessing Iraq's weapons programs and terrorist ties."

This has to be disappointing news for Dems who want to blame Bush for prewar intelligence problems.


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