Status report of the war on terror

Strategy Page:


"The American efforts in the war on terror has caused much anger in the Moslem world, and many young Moslems have said they would go to war against America. But where are they? And what have they done? They are out there making noise and talking to BBC reporters. But they do nothing of substance. Meanwhile, there is momentous change going through the Arab world. In the wake of the Iraq war, many Arab journalists and opinion leaders noted, openly, that, once more, the Arab media had lied to itself and it's audience. Throughout the three week campaign in Iraq, until the very end, the Arab media was broadcasting lies. Some Arab journalists noted this openly, and the fact that this fantasy mentality was a large part of the reason the Arab world was so far behind the West. Perhaps, the message went, we are the authors of our own misfortune. The new thinking coalesced into organizations like the Arab Thought Foundation, which openly discuss these matters. Even the leadership in the Arab world, which is regularly criticized by al Qaeda and Arabs in general, agrees that something is wrong, and it's not what al Qaeda says it is.

"Al Qaeda members are still out there. Many have come to Iraq, where they are getting killed or captured. Intelligence reports indicate that, after the Iraq invasion, al Qaeda shifted it's economic support from the Taliban in Afghanistan to the suicide bombers in Iraq. Now, al Qaeda is supposed to be pulling its money out of Iraq. The environment is too hostile."


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