Bannon's win-win deal in saving US from Clinton

Washington Post:
How Bannon’s media machine turned anti-Clinton sentiment into a fortune

A Washington Post examination found that over the past decade, White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon was able to produce a steady stream of political documentary films — and substantial income for himself — through an interlocking web of two dozen nonprofit organizations and private companies.
It sounds like Bannon did a service for the US and profited from it too.  Clinton has shown a real knack for making poor decisions that were harmful to the US and led to personal profit for her and her husband and we are supposed to feel bad because Bannon exposed her?  From her Russian deal with the US uranium supply to her attempt to avoid accountability by using a home brew server and mishandling classified materials, she showed such poor judgment that she never should have been considered as a candidate for President.


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