Cyber security is important issue--Why did it take an election to get politicians interested?

NY Times:

Senators Push to Broaden Inquiry on Election Hacking

A bipartisan group, including John McCain and Chuck Schumer, called for the creation of a select committee on cyberactivity to lead the investigation.
We should first separate the alleged "fake News" meme from the hacking claims.  Whoever was responsible for hacking the DNC and John Podesta's emails provided apparently accurate information about their operation.  We found out how the system was rigged to select Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  We found out how she was provided advance information on questions for debates.  We found out a lot of information on the "inside baseball" aspects of the campaign.  None of this information was classified or a threat to national security.

Yet, when the White House was hacked, apparently by the Russians, and the OPM records were hacked by the Chicoms, both potential threats to national security, there was little movement toward a "select committee" to study the problem of the incompetence of US cyber security defenses.

There is no polling indicating that Clinton lost because of the hacks.  There is polling that indicates that she lost votes because of her statement describing Trump supporters as "irredeemable deplorables."  There is evidence that she lost because she failed to campaign in some of the rust belt states that Trump narrowly won, while wasting resources on an Iowa campaign she should have known she was losing.

What this hacking meme boils down to is an attempt to delegitimize the Trump victory by a campaign that accused Trump of trying to do the same thing for a victory she thought she had in the bag.


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