Terrorism has gotten much worse under Obama

NY Times:

A Year of Crisis as Terrorism Becomes ‘Our New Normal’

  • For Turkey, the murder of the Russian envoy was a bookend to one of the most turbulent years in its modern history.
  • For Germany, the market attack pointed to an ominous future.
His biggest error was his retreat from Iraq which allowed al Qaeda in Iraq to reconstitute as ISIL.  That one mistake has led to genocide and an expanded terror threat against the US and its allies.  ISIL, al-Qaeda and other groups such as the Taliban have also taken advantage of Europe's asylum policies to exploit them and use them as an entry into the West where they can engage n mass murder for Allah attacks.

It all happened on Obama's watch.  His release of terrorist from Gitmo was also a huge dud.  As Gen. Mattis has said, "The enemy has a say when a war is over."  That is something Obama did not seem to comprehend and more people on our side have been killed as a result.

Wars end when you persuade the enemy that its cause is hopeless.  On too many occasions, Obama gave hope to the enemy in the vain belief that it would lead to peace.

It should be noted that other western leaders also screw up such as Angela Merkel in Germany.  Europe is reaping a whirlwind for supporting refugee policies that have let the enemy inside the gates.

For more on Obama's mistakes see this.


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