Dividing up the spoils in Syria

NY Times:

Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet on Syria, Excluding U.S.

The three countries met to work toward an accord to end Syria’s war. The absence of any Western powers at the table all but guarantees that President Bashar al-Assad will continue to rule Syria.
Obama long ago forfeiting any influence in the area with his phantom red lines and waffling on the carnage.  Three despotic regimes are now there to help Assad reclaim the rubble that is left of Syria.  Russia will probably get a beefed up naval presence in the area making its rust bucket navy a bigger threat to the Mediterranean.  Iran will get more help for its Hezballah proxy forces to plan their next war with Israel.  Turkey will try to keep the Kurds from establishing an independent area.  None of this is good for US interest in the region or for its allies.


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