Obama throws a bone to the anti-energy left on his way out

Washington Post:
Obama bans oil drilling in areas of Atlantic and Arctic in move Trump may not be able to undo

The president used a little-known law called the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, which the White House said cannot be undone by an incoming president, to make drilling in the area off-limits indefinitely. It is not clear if a Republican-controlled Congress can rescind Obama’s action.
Both Trump and Congress should do what is necessary to overturn this job-killing move that will help OPEC and other oil exporters more than it will help the environment.  It is a move that will help those who do not have the US interests at heart.  It is a shameful act.

While Obama and the left have been complaining about Russia of late, this is an act that will aid the Russia economy by giving a boost to their oil business.


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