Trump is the new 'hope and change' candidate

LA Times:
President-elect Donald Trump used the final stop on his “thank you” tour to tell an enthusiastic crowd in Alabama that he will bring jobs and hope to “the forgotten men and women of this country.”

But he also took issue with a recent comment made by first lady Michelle Obama, who suggested in an interview that some Americans had lost hope.

The incoming president said he had “tremendous hope” for the years ahead. “This is truly an exciting time to be alive…. The script is not yet written,” he said. “But the pages will be authored by you,” he said, pointing out to the huge cheering crowd.

Trump said the main goal of his administration will be to bring jobs and prosperity to the areas of the country that have struggled. He said he will promote “two simple rules: buy American and hire American.”
He should thank Michelle Obama for giving him this new theme to describe what he wanted to do all along.


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