Obama's lack of grace in his exit

Michael Goodwin:
The most telling hot-mic moment of Barack Obama’s presidency came in March of 2012 when he told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

The topic then was missile defense, but America and the world now see the full ramifications. Whether it’s dusting off an obscure provision to block oil drilling or using the United Nations to betray Israel, this is what maximum flexibility looks like. This is Obama being Obama.

Liberated from the pretense of respecting public consent and no longer forced to calculate the impact on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Obama is rushing to settle scores and tie Donald Trump’s hands. It is an infuriating exit.

It is also a revealing one. The last-ditch actions help explain not only why Trump won, but also why a course correction was absolutely necessary for the nation. Obama’s cynical schemes are variations of “you can keep your doctor,” and Americans were right to show Democrats the door.

It’s also worth remembering that Obama promised to have Israel’s back, and that’s where he put the knife.

The silver lining in his fire sale, which also includes trying to make it more difficult for Trump to vet Muslim refugees, is that it offers a moment of clarity about the dangers of unrestrained power. Ultimately, it only serves itself.
Obama is going beyond the disgraceful conduct of the Clinton administration when George W. Bush won.  Those were sophomoric pranks for the most part.  something from Animal House.  What Obama is doing is unleashing his inner despot and trying to stick it to those who disagree with his policies.


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