UN resolution against Israel shows that Obama and Kerry not an honest broker in the peace process

Washington Post:
Netanyahu: U.N. resolution part of ‘old-world bias against Israel’

Benjamin Netanyahu expressed optimism that the world order is about to change, especially with Donald Trump’s inauguration on the horizon. The prime minister said Israel will fight to cancel the resolution condemning settlement activity.
Besides showing they are not an honest broker, it also demonstrates they failed to comprehend what is behind the Palestinian intransigence.  The Palestinians do not have a leader strong enough to make the compromises needed to get a deal.  That is why they keep on demanding unrealistic preconditions to negotiation.  If the current leadership reached a deal it would likely result in their death sentence as the terrorists who make up a significant portion of their population would turn their fury on them.

When you get right down to it, the Palestinians have nothing of value to offer the Israelis.  They can't deliver on peace because too many of the Palestinians do not want it at all.  They are Islamic religious bigots who also have an ethnic hatred of Jews that goes back to the Koran.  They have never forgiven the Jews for rejecting what the Jews believe to be a false prophet.

I do not think Obama or Kerry have a clue about the history that goes back well beyond 1948.  I suspect that both of them did poorly in history classes if they bothered to take any.  They are buying into the Islamist-leftist dogma about the history of the area.


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