Trump approach more likely to lead to a deal on nuke weapons

NY Times:

A Promise That Could Set the World on a Dangerous Path

If Mr. Trump should follow through on instigating a new nuclear arms race, the consequences could be severe and possibly catastrophic.
Many in the media do not seem to comprehend Trump's negotiating style.  He presents the other side with a situation that makes their circumstances untenable in the long run and makes clear their alternative to a negotiated agreement will be grim.

Putin has already responded by saying he does not want an arms race.  If there was one, he would lose with the weak Russian economy.  He now has an incentive to rethink his "modernization" effort and see that it will be much more costly than it would have been under Obama's unilateral disarmament approach.

I think this is an example of how his "disruptive" style as Kissinger calls it creates opportunities for future agreements.


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