Democrats are Electoral College hypocrites

Neil Stevens:
The Electoral College is only under attack right now because the Democrats lost the election. If it’d gone the other way, they’d be thrilled. In the 2004 election, George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in the popular vote by 3 million votes. However Democrats attempted to overturn Ohio’s Electoral College slate. Had they somehow succeeded in electing John Kerry, then they would have assured a popular vote loser had won the Presidency. And so it’s not just speculation that they’re fine with that when a Democrat benefits. We have proof from past actions.

When Nancy Pelosi won a Supreme Court case in 2005, she claimed it’s “as if God has spoken,” defending the Court’s authority. However there is no such reverence for the court after the Citizens United case, is there? The Democrats approve or disapprove of institutions only based on the immediate outcomes.
They have to know that their effort is doomed because even California and New York will not pass a law saying that their electoral college votes will go to the national popular vote winner.   They are just trying to stir up their base and trying to delegitimize the Trump victory.


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