Europe paying a terrible price for its refugee policies

Washington Post:
Europe may face a grim future with terrorism as a fact of life

Even as security officials say they’re foiling big plots, Europeans are beginning to resign themselves to a new era in which attacks may no longer be exceptions to their way of life.
The Europeans have largely facilitated the Muslim invasion that has seen the rape of women increase dramatically at the same time mass murder for Allah attacks have also increased.  The invasion appears to be a deliberate attempt by ISIL and other radical Islamists to impose their weird religious beliefs on the continent as part of their scheme to do the same worldwide.  The liberal establishment has largely botched its response to this invasion.

Radical Islam is causing the collapse of the Muslim culture in North Africa and the Middle East.  The attempt to ignore the obvious religious aggression has been a disaster for the victims in Europe and the liberals running the EU and some of the EU countries do not seem to have a strategy to repel the onslaught.

Because of that failure the EU is in trouble and the liberal governments that support it may soon be replaced by more conservative ones.


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