Israel to go on building spree in response to UN

NY Times:

Defying U.N., Israel Prepares to Build More Settlements

  • Undeterred by a defeat at the United Nations, Israel’s government said that it would move ahead with thousands of new homes in East Jerusalem.
  • It warned nations against further action, declaring that Israel does not “turn the other cheek.”
The absurdity of the UN resolution is resulting in more homes being built by Israel on land that the Palestinians are trying to claim.  The UN is likely to be permanently damaged by this resolution as the US Congress and President Trump also respond to this bad policy.

With many of its member nations siding with the terrorist the organization is losing its moral authority at a time when meany of them are also besieged by Islamic terrorists.  The [problem in Israel is not that different from the one European countries are dealing with now.  Islamic religious bigots are trying to take over and spread their poisonous ideology.

Obama may have aimed at Israel, but this resolution is going to backfire on the UN.


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